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Welcome to DRD Distributing

Our resource for snowplow sales and service, trailer sales and service, and trailer hitch installations.

DRD Distributing is Hitch Pro distributor/installer, a Boss Snowplow Dealer, and a Star Warning Systems distributor/installer. We also sell and install vehicle accessories, including the original Access Cover. We provide products and services for individuals, small businesses, and fleets.   

Authorized Dealer


The durable, fully featured BOSS DXTs are the ultimate tools to fight all things snow and ice.

V XT Plows

The BOSS XT is built to perform with innovated flared blade wings and an enhanced curl design

Super-Duty Plows

Push back the chaos and RESTORE ORDER with BOSS Super-Duty Straight-Blade Plows.

HTX-V Plows

The HTX V-plow brings all the power and innovation of BOSS V-plows to your light-duty truck.

HTX Plows

Our full line of HTX plows brings all the power and innovation to BOSS Straight-Blades to your light-duty truck.


The EXT is the latest innovation from BOSS, with expandable wings that enhance productivity and efficiency